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fTLD Registrars are required to adhere to fTLD Security Requirements, Policies and contractual obligations for creating and maintaining a trusted, verified and more secure environment for .BANK and .INSURANCE domains. The requirements applicable to Registrars are listed in the fTLD Operations Pledge and those for Registrants are listed in the respective Registrant Security Requirements; both are accessible here. All fTLD Registrars must include these requirements in their Registration Agreements.

If you are an ICANN-accredited Registrar and are interested in becoming an fTLD Registrar, please review the information at BECOME AN FTLD REGISTRAR.

If you want to find a Registrar that offers .BANK or .INSURANCE domain names, please view the list of APPROVED REGISTRARS.

For additional information about frequently asked questions by Registrars, please review them at REGISTRAR FAQ.

For materials Registrars need to support .BANK and .INSURANCE, please see the REGISTRAR TOOL KIT.

Please use the following for other questions:

Registrar and Verification Questions:

General questions should be emailed to
Verification questions should be emailed to

Telephone: +1 202 589 2412

Verisign Questions: Go to for contact information or refer to contact information in your contract with Verisign.

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