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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Registrar for the .BANK and/or .INSURANCE Top-Level Domains (TLDs). To support these trusted, verified and more secure TLDs, Registrars must meet the requirements in the fTLD Operations Pledge and specified in the Registry-Registrar Agreement. Registrars may additionally decide to provide support and services to Registrants seeking assistance in transitioning their websites and/or email to .BANK or .INSURANCE, or understanding how to comply with the Registrant Security Requirements. Below are the on-boarding steps required to become an fTLD Registrar. Please note steps two and three may be done in parallel.

  1. APPLY

    Let us know you are interested in becoming an fTLD Registrar by following these steps and we will confirm your eligibility.

    1. Complete the fTLD Registrar Application with required supporting documents: (1) Liability Insurance Certificate, (2) Non-Disclosure Agreement, and (3) Registrar Logo. You may provide these attachments by email to If you are already an fTLD Registrar and are adding a TLD (.BANK or .INSURANCE), please send an email to indicating the TLD you are adding.
    2. fTLD will review your application and contact you with any questions.
    3. Upon approval of your application, fTLD will send you a copy of the RRA and fTLD Pricing Addendum along with other information to assist in your review of the requirements for becoming an fTLD Registrar. Please review the contract and its requirements thoroughly and contact fTLD with any questions.
    4. Once all terms of the RRA are understood and Registrar confirms compliance with fTLD Operations Pledge (e.g., MFA process), please complete, sign and return the RRA to fTLD. Be sure to include the URL where the updated version of your Registration Agreement will be located in Exhibit A of the RRA or attach an updated copy of your Registration Agreement including the required fTLD obligations, as detailed in the information provided in step three.
    5. fTLD will review the signed RRA and your Registration Agreement. If there are any questions, fTLD will work with you to resolve the issues. Once fTLD’s review is successfully completed, fTLD will sign the RRA and provide you with a fully executed version for your files.
    6. fTLD will initiate Registry Service Provider Onboarding and Token System Validation Onboarding with you and these may happen simultaneously. fTLD will provide you with the information and an OT&E credential necessary to begin the Token Validation System Onboarding process as well as access to all other fTLD Registrar support materials via the Registrar Web Portal.

    Complete the additional contracts that may be needed to establish your relationship with fTLD’s Registry Service Provider, and then complete any required testing to ensure your system will support EPP transactions for processing and maintaining registrations in .BANK and/or .INSURANCE.

    1. If you are not currently accredited with GoDaddy Registry, you will need to complete their Registrar Onboarding process. Once this process has been completed, skip to step three below.
    2. If you are currently accredited with GoDaddy Registry, proceed to step three.
    3. GoDaddy Registry will provide you with the credentials needed to test your EPP server interface for the selected TLD(s). If you have used the GoDaddy Registry pendingCreate process with other domains, you should not need to do any further testing.
    4. fTLD will notify you when you have successfully completed testing and are ready to process registrations for the selected TLD(s). NOTE: You may not submit registrations for the selected TLD(s) until you have received production credentials for the Token Validation System Onboarding process. Any registrations submitted prior to completing the fTLD Registrar Onboarding process will be rejected.
    5. Once you have completed the Token Validation System Onboarding process (step three of Onboarding), you can proceed to Confirmation (step four of Onboarding).

    In order to provide Registrars with access to the Token Validation System, which is included in the Registrar Web Portal, there are two types of credentials required for each Registrar. Once the OT&E testing is complete, fTLD will provide you with Production credentials.

    1. OT&E Credential: the same account is used for both the Registrar Web Portal and the API. fTLD will provide each Registrar with one OT&E credential consisting of a unique email address and assigned password.
    2. Production Credentials: two accounts are typically required for production. One account will allow access to the Registrar Web Portal (includes manual token validation) and the other for API token validation. Each account must have a unique email address and will be provided an assigned password.

    To be fully approved by fTLD for domain name(s) registrations in the selected TLD(s), you must:

    1. Complete the Application Process;
    2. Receive confirmation from fTLD that your proposed multi-factor authentication process meets the fTLD Operations Pledge (see letter L) accessible here;
    3. Complete the Registry Service Provider Onboarding process;
    4. Complete the Token Validation System Onboarding process (OT&E and Production); and
    5. Once these steps are completed and fTLD confirms your approval, fTLD will add your logo and URL to the APPROVED REGISTRARS list for .BANK and/or .INSURANCE and you may begin offering the selected TLD(s).

If you have questions, please contact