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May 3, 2018

fTLD is excited to present its registrars with a new opportunity to grow their valuable .BANK and .INSURANCE portfolios, while increasing customer retention and overall revenue through value-add services.

WHAT:  Some of the biggest challenges to activating our domain names are understanding what needs to be done to meet the .BANK and .INSURANCE Registrant Security Requirements, identifying service providers who can assist with them and managing vendors on a common, compressed timeline. To serve our registrants, support domain name activation, increase customer retention and deepen registrar/registrant relationships, we developed the Registrar Assisted Migration Program (RAMP). RAMP is essentially a one-stop shop, enabling interested registrants to sign up with a registrar, or work with their current registrar, to make the move to their .BANK or .INSURANCE domain.

HOW: To have a RAMP program listed on fTLD’s sites, and to be promoted by fTLD across the web, the fTLD-approved registrar must be able to support at least four (4) of the six (6) Registrant Security Requirements, and this must be agreed to and outlined in a signed RAMP Marketing Promotion Agreement. While fTLD created the RAMP program, specifications and pricing are solely the responsibility of the registrar. RAMP participants will receive fTLD marketing promotion and will be reimbursed a fixed amount per completed, compliant, live .BANK and .INSURANCE migration they facilitate through their RAMP program.

WHEN: fTLD plans to announce registrars offering RAMP programs on June 11, 2018 by adding a RAMP category to the .BANK and .INSURANCE Third-Party Provider Program pages on our sites. To be listed at that time, you must have an executed a RAMP Marketing Promotion Agreement with fTLD.

fTLD is excited to begin working with and promoting any fTLD-approved registrar that has the capacity to offer a RAMP program to its current and prospective customers. We would be happy to discuss RAMP with you.

Questions about RAMP should be directed to Drew Schiff, Director of Engagement Services, at