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Common Community Names

fTLD Registry Services (fTLD) has referenced Common Community Names in its Name Allocation and Name Selection Policies. At this time, the following Common Community Names have been reserved and thus are not available for registration. Although not specifically enumerated in this list, fTLD's reservation of Common Community Names implicitly includes all translations and transliterations of the names appearing on this list. As noted in the Name Selection and Name Allocation Policies, fTLD reserves the right to both amend this list and to allocate these names in the future under one or more of the identified allocation mechanisms.

For names consisting of more than one word, please consult with ICANN's Explanatory Memorandum on Implementing the Matching Rule (see, which is used by the Trademark Clearinghouse. This guidance is provided to for example reflect that since "firstnational" is reserved then "first-national" would also not be available for registration.

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