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What additional information (application fields) is required for .BANK and .INSURANCE Registrant Verification Applications and how is it provided to fTLD?

In addition to the standard Registrant information, the following details are required for fTLD to process the application:

  • Government Regulatory Authority Name and ID Number – This information is required unless it is not applicable to the Registrant type (i.e., Association, Government Regulator, Service Provider).
  • Verification Contact name, email, and phone number – Contact information to verify the employment and authority of the Registrant contact to register the domain name(s) requested.
  • Supporting Information – This information may be requested to support how a domain name complies with fTLD’s Name Selection Policy available here. The information may include websites, documents (e.g., advertising or marketing materials; pictures demonstrating use; a copy of the trademark, trade name or service mark registration) or trademark registration number and jurisdiction information.