fTLD-Approved Cybersecurity Pioneer Badge Guidelines


The fTLD-Approved Cybersecurity Pioneer Badge (the “badge”) is proprietary. The badge may only be used if (1) provided directly by and authorized by fTLD, and (2) must comply with the following guidelines:

  • Only fTLD-Approved .BANK Registrants* (i.e., members) may use the badge.
  • Do not alter the badge in any way.
  • Do not combine the badge with any other graphics without the written consent of fTLD.


This badge may only be used by fTLD-Approved .BANK Registrants that have migrated their website and email to their .BANK domain, are in compliance with the .BANK Security Requirements (as monitored by fTLD and/or its authorized security monitoring vendor), and have received the badge directly from fTLD.

This badge can only be used on .BANK websites, and in print and on social media in connection with a .BANK website. For .BANK website use the badge should appear on the bank’s homepage and have a click-thru feature that resolves to: www.register.bank/cybersecuritypioneer.

There are no background restrictions other than as indicated in the legal section.


Please contact us at fTLD@fTLD.com with any questions about the use of the Cybersecurity Pioneer Badge.

* fTLD annually verifies .BANK domain registrations to ensure they are compliant with the Organization and Domain Name Eligibility criteria; see: https://www.register.bank/eligibility/.