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The .BANK and .INSURANCE TLDs are operated by fTLD Registry Services, LLC—a coalition of banks, insurance companies and financial services trade associations from around the world—which ensures it is governed in the best interests of banks and insurance companies and their customers. fTLD has a deep understanding of the banking and insurance communities, their customers’ and their institutions’ needs. fTLD’s mission is to operate a trusted, verified, more secure and easily-identifiable online location for these financial companies and their customers.

fTLD was granted the right to operate .BANK on September 25, 2014, and .INSURANCE on February 19, 2015, and launched the TLDs in 2015 and 2016 respectively. fTLD works diligently to enhance trust and security for .BANK and .INSURANCE on an ongoing basis. All applicants undergo a thorough verification process before being awarded a domain and must comply with strict registry policies ensuring ongoing compliance with the fTLD security requirements.

A .BANK or .INSURANCE at the end of a URL acts as  a built-in stamp of approval for a bank or insurance business’s security measures, letting their customers know their site is trusted, verified and more secure.


fTLD Registry Services, LLC (fTLD) is led by its President with oversight by the Operating Manager, collectively the American Bankers Association (ABA) and the Bank Policy Institute (BPI). Their combined talents represent experience in financial services, cybersecurity, risk management, operations and registry/registrar services. fTLD’s Advisory Council provide a means for community participation and stakeholder engagement that serves to inform the company’s policy decisions.

Craig Schwartz, President of fTLD Registry Services, is responsible for the operations of the company and leads the team in achieving fTLD’s mission and objectives. Previously, Craig was with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) for five years where he served as Chief gTLD Registry Liaison. Before joining ICANN, Craig was with Widmeyer Communications, a DC-based public relations and strategic communications firm, for nearly a decade and most recently as Vice President, Operations. Craig earned his BS Degree in Finance from the University of Maryland.

Heather Diaz, Senior Director, Compliance and Policy of fTLD Registry Services, is responsible for developing and implementing policies, procedures, and controls to assist fTLD in strategically meeting its business and operational goals while ensuring compliance with legal requirements. Prior to joining fTLD, Diaz was a compliance manager at a subsidiary of AARP where she was responsible for quality control and compliance oversight of the products and services made available to AARP members. In addition, she oversaw the corporate compliance and risk management programs. Diaz is a 2004 graduate of the College of Arts and Sciences of The University of Pennsylvania, and a 2014 graduate of a Master of Arts degree program from University of Southern California.  She also is a certified compliance and ethics professional.

Drew Schiff, Director, Engagement Services of fTLD Registry Services, is responsible for leading fTLD’s marketing and communications activities including direct engagement with bankers, insurers and financial services trade associations. Prior to joining fTLD, Drew was a startup consultant focusing on strategy, operations, marketing and business development for tech startups in the DC area for nearly a decade. Drew earned his MBA from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, a CFP designation from the College of Charleston and a BS Degree in Finance and Economics from Clemson University.

Desiree Boxberger, Verification Agent, is responsible for leading fTLD’s validation of organizations that register and maintain domain names in the .BANK and .INSURANCE gTLDs. In addition to her work with fTLD, Boxberger is the CEO of gTLD Help LLC, a domain name industry consulting company, with over a decade of experience in the areas of operations, policy and compliance serving domain name registries and registrars. Boxberger has predominately worked in highly technical environments from nuclear and infrastructure engineering, telecommunications, financial services, and the domain name, website design, and hosting industries, including working for the world’s largest telecommunications wholesale hosting provider. Boxberger graduated, with honors, in 1997 with a degree in Paralegal Studies from one of the oldest American Bar Association accredited paralegal programs in the U.S.

Operating Management Team

Paul Benda is Senior Vice President, Risk and Cybersecurity Policy with the American Bankers Association’s Center for Payments and Cybersecurty. He is responsible for leading ABA’s policy initiatives in cybersecurity, physical security and risk management practices.

Barry Epstein joined the American Bankers Association in 2004 and is currently its Senior Vice President/Controller and the Treasurer for several of the association’s subsidiaries. He oversees and is currently responsible for fTLD’s accounting, finance, and treasury requirements.

Chris Feeney is the Executive Vice President & President, BITS, the technology policy division of the Bank Policy Institute, where he works with the nation’s largest financial institutions to discuss and promote current and emerging technology, foster innovation, reduce fraud and improve cybersecurity and risk management practices for the financial sector.

Tom Greco is the Senior Vice President and Senior Counsel for Contracts and Technology at the American Bankers Association and focuses on business, technology and legal issues as a member of the association’s General Counsel’s office.  His is responsible for fTLD’s in-house legal counsel.

Sam Lisker is the American Bankers Association’s Senior Vice President for Finance, Administration and Industry Providers with ABA’s Professional Development Group, which provides professional development, education and training to the financial services industry.

Kenice Middleton is the Senior Vice President, Technology and Cybersecurity Risk for BITS, the technology policy division of the Bank Policy Institute, where she works with financial institutions on cybersecurity and risk management decision making against current and future technologies.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council includes the following organizations:

  • American Council of Life Insurers
  • American Property Casualty Insurance Association
  • Bank of the Prairie
  • Bridge Community Bank
  • Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Inc.
  • European Banking Federation
  • Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center
  • First Citizens Bank
  • First National Bank
  • First National Bank of Hutchinson
  • First State Bank
  • Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, Inc.
  • Insurance Bureau of Canada
  • Insurance Ireland
  • Montecito Bank & Trust
  • M Oriental Bank Limited
  • North Country Savings Bank
  • Pioneer Bank
  • Purple Revenue, LLC
  • Signature Bank


Advisory Council Rules and Operating Procedures

Definitions for Policies

Policy Development Process Policies

Questions or comments for the Advisory Council may be submitted to ac@fTLD.com.